Year: 2011
Total Work: ~8 hours per minute of music

Music for the video game Salúdame (OLPC, Plan Ceibal).

Rural physicians in isolated areas in Uruguay have an important role in health education for children. However, due to the vastness and large distances of these areas, health education is often limited. Recently every child in Uruguay received a XO laptop on the public schools. This creates the opportunity to improve health education by providing digital health resources. This way health education can be supported at schools in an interactive way. The goal is to perform a small scale project to connect a school with a rural physician by means of an educational platform run on the XO laptops part of an health education program. Plan Ceibal, which delivered an astonishing 380.000 laptops to all children in Uruguay. The XO laptops come from the One Dollar Laptop Per Child project. We take the challenge to deploy these laptops to help isolated areas.

Download the full music in high quality mp3 format

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